The Royal Meeting Part 1

*A MapleStory fan fiction depicting my fan made class*
I heard the Queen is going to be holding some sort of secret meeting.” a murky voice spoke.

Really? I wonder what this is going to be about?” said another.

You fool! Of course it’s about that so-called popular secret that those sophisticated snobs don’t want the outside world to be knowing about!” snared the wolf girl, after smacking her subordinate on the head.

Oh right, I forgot about that. Heheheh…

If we get our hands on that information, we’ll be reeking up of cash from the boss!” smirked the girl.

Heehee, yeah! The Black Wings will be sure to want this piece of baby.

Listen Kenton, we still gotta find a way into that stupid castle to hear this oh-so-precious secret they’re discussing about.

“But how though? We did so many attempts just to break in and that dorky Zachrie guy always butts into kicking the Malice out. Shouldn’t underestimate that guy from what we heard from the others,” croaked the frog man.

“Um hello? This was done so many times in the past! This is the present! Our technology, magic, and other valuables has been advanced to the supreme. With everyone running around like chickens worrying about the Black Mage’s revival, this is our golden opportunity!”

“Good point, let’s head back to headquarters and devise a plan about this,” said Kenton.

Go to Part 2


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