Art update + Fellow artist needs your help!

Before I get onto my not so important business, I’d like you all to check out a friend’s friend klydekiss’s journal entry and see if you could help out with her situation. You may have seen her around on basilmarket and MapleStory all together, she’s a really nice person and she has wonderful artwork. Unfortunately, she’s in a big financial struggle in real life.=[

She could really use some help on her financial matter, she’s up for art commissions so she can use the money to help support herself and her brothers. I’d really hate to see a fellow artist being forced to drop out of college if she can’t sustain herself, I can barely survive in university myself (personally, I failed to find a job for the past 3 and a half months…I’m volunteering instead for the summer and hopefully get hired in the fall). =x

If you can’t donate to her whatsoever, DO either link to her journal entry on deviantART or reblog this post if you have a WordPress to help spread the word around. I’m sure she’ll appreciate your help!

P.s: My friend Jen is also taking commissions for her as well to help donate, she’s also another pro artist and you may know her as Oishiiryuu/lilzara/hasuyawn. Do see her journal entry for more details here. =]


Art update

Jen’s birthday present (So happy that you like it! ^_^ ♥)

MapleStory NPC Chibi Bunch (Whoa seriously, thanks for the numerous amount of feedback on this guys! This includes Basilmarket + Tumblr + Pixiv)


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