CWKPQ (Crimsonwood Keep Party Quest) Guide

Hello! I thought I’d be writing up my own (and very first actual professional) guide for CWKPQ. ^_^; Since CWKPQ has been brought back by Nexon (finally!), many people have been itching to do this PQ but are rather rusty from remembering what to do during the stages due to its long absence from GMS. Welp, I’m here to help you boys and girls. =]

This is the most updated guide out there (as far as I’m concerned) providing with full blown images.

Last updated: 25/06/2012

Why should I PQ:

  • To get the Mark of Naricain (MoN); It is a pendant that adds (on average) +5 All stats, +10 attk & m.g attk, +300 HP & MP, +5 speed & jump, +15 ACC, no slots (cannot be scrolled), cannot be potentialed. It’s extremely useful for boosting your damage range if you are unfunded and you’re unable to get those upper classed pendants like HTP, CHTP, Rising Sun, Dominator Pendant…etc.
  • Bonus room items; The most expensive valuables that can be found from this room are the Blackfist Cloak and Elemental Wand 5. There are other items dropped from these boxes too; note that the Crosshieder and Stormshear is really good NPC money (sold for 1.1m each). See the full list here.

How to host:

  • Since there are no more pre-quests (by that, I mean possessing the Keystone) to host CWKPQ, anyone above level 90 can host them!
  • It is HIGHLY recommended that you go with friends, guildies, alliance, and people you know. If you go with randoms, most of them the time they will loot your items from the bonus room, loot MoNs out of order, not know what to do during the stages, die, or AFK during the run.

Requirements for PQ:

  • You must be level 90+
  • Have at least 5 attackers on your run
  • Be at least level 100 if you are the only one of your class and is required to kill monsters in your stage
  • x2 Warriors (at least 1 warrior to do the stages)
  • x2 Archers (at least 1 archer to do the stages)
  • x2 Magicians (at least 1 EXPERIENCED mage to do the stages)
  • x2 Thieves (at least 1 thief to do the stages)
  • x2 Pirates (at least 1 pirate to do the stages; MUST be careful when it comes to doing stages)
  • Up to 20 people can participate
  • Must have 140% Speed and 123% Jump (If you are a marauder/buccaneer; do not rely on Transform/Super Transform all of the time!)
  • All cures + Healing SUFFICIENT potions
  • Minimum of 10 people must sign up for the NPC but 5 people can really actually do the PQ (recommended if you are all experienced, won’t DC/lag during the run, and can kill bosses)


  • The PQ is located at Crimsonwood which is accessible via NLC (which is accessible through Kerning).
    Once you take your first step into the Crimsonwood area, keep going to the right until you reach to the Red Guardian Map. Climb up to the top and you will reach to the courtyard map. Keep going to the right and you will be at the Hall of Mastery. Go to the top right corner and click on the set of doors with red electricity running on them.
  • Check if everyone is here and NOT AFK before you talk to the NPC.
  • Talk to the NPC Jack to start the quest. You have 5 minutes to have everyone to sign up (by talking to Jack and selecting “Join”). You can log onto at least 5 sign up mules before the timer is out if you have a non-lagging computer.
  • After everyone has signed up, proceed to start.

Stage 1:

  • The leader must talk to the NPC.
  • Find a portal near the right side of the map (commonly behind the pillars of the map) to proceed to stage 2.

Stage 2:

  • In this stage (as well as the stages leading up until stage 5), you will see sigils that look like this:
    Example: This is the Warrior Sigil
  • To recognize the sigils of your classes…refer to this chart here:

    • For most people it’s difficult to remember their sigils but it’s pretty easy to remember them. The warrior sigil has a sword, the mage has a curled staff, the archer has a bow, the thief has a star, and I don’t know what the hell pirate has in their sigil but just remember that it has lots of swirls lol.
  • The order of sigils from left to right in this stage is Warrior, Archer, Mage, Thief, and Pirate. One person must use a skill to activate these babies to head onto the next stage.
  • Don’t know what skills to use for your job? Refer to this list here.
  • Proceed through the portal after all sigils are activated:

Stage 3:

  • Alright, before you dash ahead in this stage please read the warnings.
  • Warning: The totem poles do an assload of damage to your character and you can only take 1 hit. The second hit, you die and we don’t want that happening.
  • Warning to Cannoneers/Mechanics/Buccaneers: Please do notuse Cannon Jump/Rocket Booster when you are near top of the map because you cannot jump down from the roof of the map and you screw your entire party over if you’re the only pirate on your run.Buccaneers, please be extremely careful when you reach to your sigil and NOT pass by it by accident without activating it. Otherwise, you cannot jump down, jump through the wall, do anything about it due to lack of “Flash Jump.”
  • Location of sigils: Warrior is at the very bottom, archer is second on the way towards the top, magician is next after archer, thief is just top right of magician, and pirate is just the left of the portal.
  • Activate all of the sigils and proceed to the next stage.

Stage 4:

  • Same thing applies to this stage, activate the sigils. They are placed randomly in this room every time you enter a run.
  • There will be one class with two sigils; one of them is fake and it won’t move/activate if you use a skill.
  • Proceed onto the next stage.
  • Please note that people will have a hard time getting up with all of the fire and red stirges in their way; be patient with your runners!
  • Haste usually hinders the process of getting up to your platform so feel free to right-click to cancel it.

Stage 5:

  • Each class must go to their designated areas located by their class statues through the doors.
  • Warrior Room: Kill all of the red guardians as you make your way up towards to the top. Talk to the statue and get your sword.
  • Magician Room: Teleport your way in the room to find the statue and retrieve the staff.IMPORTANT NOTE: There are two types of rooms that are randomized each time you go on your run. Most people consider “Room A” to be the easiest but “Room B” to be the hardest (cannot teleport back to the entrance unless you’re an Evan). My friend Heidi has demonstrated how to do “Room B” in her video here and she also explained the steps.
  • Archer Room: Talk to the statue at the top of the room, then kill all of the black guardians, talk to the statue again, and get your bow.
  • Thief Room: Hit all of the purple floating eyes with a regular attack in the room (be sure to use Flash Jump with Haste when crossing the gaps). Do not hit the guardians in the room because they cannot be killed and they will seal you. Talk to the statue to get the claw.
  • Pirate Room: Hit all of the treasure chests until you find the pirate gun.
  • After you are done collecting your item from your room, drop the item at the designated areas of the statue in the room:

  • Proceed onto the next stage after you are done.

Stage 6:

  • Leader must talk to the statue at the right. Kill all of the monsters that are summoned.
  • After summoned monsters have been killed, talk to the statue again to summon the bosses.
  • The bosses don’t really do anything since the revamp, they don’t even attack you anymore except Morgana (the mage boss) does still zombify you (Do not use the skill ‘Heal’ or you’ll lose HP/kill your other members).
  • After the bosses are killed and they drop the MoN, stack yourselves at the far right door and listen to the rules of the leader with the bonus room.

General rules typically include:

  • After entering the room after stage 6, do not proceed through the door until 0:30; this allows slow people to catch up with everyone else.
  • Do not loot from other people’s boxes unless they let you.
  • You have an x number of boxes you’re allowed to hit depending on the number of members you have active on your run. There are 30 boxes in the bonus room.
  • Mobile classes with “flash jump” take the furthest boxes, low mobile classes like Aran take the closest boxes to them when they enter the room.

Bonus room:

  • Yup, hit the number of boxes you are assigned to by your leader and collect your junk.
  • What items can you get? Already mentioned that earlier in the guide.



  • Maple Simulator for the images
  • icephoenix21 for the mage video (Thanks Heidi ;D)

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