List of Classes & Skills used to activate CWKPQ Sigils

These are the class & their skills that can be used to activate the sigils at CWKPQ. I need help on filling out the blanks for the classes I do not know the skills for activating the sigils; it’d be greatly appreciated if you can help! ^_^ The skills with a ? mark beside them mean I do not know if that skill works for that sigil. Also, moved 4th job skills to 3rd (E.g. Brandish used to be in 4th job for Heroes) do NOT work!

Have at LEAST 1 point in these skills if you are a third jobber~

Note: Although it is third job skills that activate the sigils, some second job skills can also be used and not all third job skills work.



Crusader/Hero: Shout
Dragon Knight/Dark Knight: Dragon Buster, Dragon Fury, Dragon Roar (?)
White Knight/Paladin: (Advance) Charged Blow
Demon Slayer (3 + 4): Soul Eater, Dark Thrust
Dawn Warrior:


Ranger/Bowmaster: Strafe, Arrow Rain, (Ultimate) Inferno – Now known as ‘Broiler/Roasting Shot’
Sniper/Marksman: (Ultimate) Strafe, Arrow Eruption, Blizzard – Now known as Snapfreeze Shot
Wild Hunter (3 + 4):
Mercedes: Piercing Storm, Rising Rush
Wind Archer:


Priest/Bishop: Shining Ray
I/L Mage/Archmage: Ice Strike, Thunder Spear (?)
F/P Mage/Archmage: Eruption
Battle Mage (3 + 4):
Evan (6th – 10th Growth):
Blaze Wizard:


Hermit/Night Lord: Avenger
Chief Bandit/Shadower: Band of Thieves
Blade Lord/Blade Master:
Night Walker:


Outlaw/Corsair: Gaviota
Marauder/Buccaneer: Flash Fist, Somersault Kick
Cannon Trooper/Cannon Master: Scatter Shot, Barrel Bomb
Mechanic (3+4):
Thunder Breaker:


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