New MapleStory Update: ANCIENT


I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from my fan class drawing of The Executioners and questions pertaining what their class moves are about. Well guys, here it is! I am finally putting this up after working on the word document for some time. ^^; Please note that the skills do not contain any of those fancy numbers (I’d have to be extremely careful about my math, thus killing a ton of my time for something that may be revamped over and over in proportion to the MapleStory updates; the real ones lol). Also, these skill descriptions may be revamped from time to time so I could add creativity and avoiding as much as copycatting other class moves (exceptions include mastery, boosters, moves that hit 2 times, an ultimate…etc, that’s kinda standard for a class to have nowadays no?).

Enjoy reading the large wall of text. 8D

The patch update for these classes is known as MapleStory: ANCIENT. The update is major, it introduces two new AP stats known to be CON (Concentration) and IMP (Impact).

Concentration obviously has to deal with the character staying in focus on their enemies. Impact has to deal with how well can the character hit something (pretty much of how well can they handle the force of their strength).

This update also introduces three new classes, known as The Exterminators and they obviously, well eliminate all forces of the Black Mage. They are known to be the Executioners, Reapers, and Soldiers; all of them are a completely different set of classes from the existing classes in MapleStory including the Adventurers, Heroes, Resistence, and Cygnus Knights. For the first time in awhile, these classes actually have their own set of equipment and weapons (meaning they do NOT share any equipment with the adventurers except for beginner equipment). Finally!

With that being said, there are plenty of new places and events that are involved with this patch. The Continent of Jeirante is home to The Exterminators with its capital town, Talelsia as well as many new places on this ancient continent.

Plenty of brand new monsters, bosses, PQs, quests, and events are introduced into this patch as well.

There is actually a new group of enemies among them too. They are known as The Malice Zealot Assembly (originally called The Dark Renegades, they can be abbreviated to MZA), an advanced criminal organization also affiliated with evil but not really involved with the Black Mage (I DO realise that in my fan fiction that they were involved but I’m definitely rewriting it in a way). They pick on many people (harassing, scamming, vandalizing, hording, blackmailing, threatening those who do not submit to their needs…etc etc.), they don’t care whether the Black Mage is revived or not nor what happens to the Maple World as long as they get what they want (namely riches and sophistication). It is quite difficult to recognize anyone from MZA since their appearances vary for their own purposes. The only clues to find someone from this organization is if they are wearing a green scarf, their right eye is orange or they are wearing a glowing cape.

Their strength is quite outstanding, they may very well be more tactical than the Black Wings themselves. With that, the Black Wings are trying to create an alliance with them to borrow their power to fight against The Union/The Maple Alliance…but that will be a high cost for the Black Wings to pay for if they want to work together. This is a warning for those who are on the side of good…

Anyways, onto the job descriptions!


The Executioners were the prison guards of Old Talelsia’s castle and it was an underconstruction class to be released to the Maple world. Unfortunately, the process was delayed due to the war with the Black Mage and all of the experts who were refining the class skills were killed. With that, the newer citizens of Talelsia were all set to start working on their skills from scratch. This time, it was sure that the remade skills surpassed the previous generation’s.

The executioner class use flails to swing and deliver devastating blows towards enemies; this makes them both close and long ranged. However, the downside to this class is that they are very slow while they’re charging up their attacks. The main stat is IMP.

Click here for the skills and job tiers.


The Soldier is the class that has been brought back from being lost in the past to the present time. Their history surrounds the Legendary Tribesmen who have once battled against the Dark Renegades. It is until the mysterious boy years ago who resurrected their occupation and it is up to the newer generation to hone their skills to the greater.

The soldier class uses boomerangs and throws them at a long distance, making them ranged attackers. However, the downside to them is that it takes some time to retrieve their boomerangs; which would make them a tad bit slow. Their main stat happens to be CON while their secondary is IMP.

Click here for the skills and job tiers.

Grim Reapers

The history of the Grim Reapers (GR for abbreviation use) dates back during the time of the ending of Old Talelsia. They rose from the deceased villagers, their mysterious abilities were then refined over the years, and the reaper class was all set to be open to any newcomers.

The reaper class specializes in both combat and magic (Actual physical combat). With this in factor, the class has a unique setting of AP. This class requires CON (being the main stat) + INT (being the secondary).

Click here for the skills and job tiers.


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