Level 200 Finally!!!

Completed as of February 3rd, 2012 @ 11:15 PM EST since October 2005.

I apologise for the crappy SS, I didn’t catch a good one (nor was able to record much fraps footage for the upcoming video) and the only other SSes that I caught was on my other laptop at home on a different account of mine. I’ll upload the smega spamming later this Thursday!

Both oWetRaino and Harini’s Storm Growth Potions worked, thank god. A majority of today that I was freaking out about it because the potion had a glitch of randomly disappearing or staying on you (whether you extended the date or not). I usually assume the worse of situations but it turned out good in the end after all. ^_^

CONGRATULATIONS TO MAXY (oWetRaino) ON LEVEL 200 AS WELL!!!! I’m so sorry for making you wait for so long (he hit 199 in December and has been waiting for me ever since) dearie! >.< He even offered me to borrow his equips to train at LHC to finish off my levels but I kindly declined to, I still had the vow for myself being an anti-LHCer. Thank you so very much for waiting to level with me to 200. ♥

Thank you so much BL, Noctivagant, and everyone else who helped me achieved this goal; seriously! I honestly thought I would never have made it to a seemingly impossible goal in MapleStory throughout the years that I have been playing this game. Yes, I’m a terribly slow leveler but I did it! I would also like to thank the ones who also supported me as well.

To those of you who have been giving me the comments of, “Okay getting to 200 isn’t big of a deal anymore it’s so easy now everyone is hitting 200 blah blah blah” I’d like to dispute with this. How often do you see someone from the year 2005 hitting 200 WITHOUT hacking, leeching, being funded, and LHCing (Yes, I have LHC’d from 172-179 but that was only because I wanted to borrow my MS hubby’s equips)? It’s a fact that pretty much almost all of these people who have hit 200 have done one of these actions. Not to sound cocky but I take pride in being one of the very few people who have hit 200 without doing those activities.

Honestly, it wasn’t easy for me and I received numerous comments that I’d never hit 200 doing what I did best for myself. Well guess what? I, being one of the very few helped prove the impossible, happen. =) All you need is just uber dedication and a lot of patience and it’s all worth it in the end.

What am I going to do now? I’ll keep playing but I have yet to decide who will be my secondary main *looks at her collection of characters*. Other than that, I probably won’t be playing as drastically as before; this game honestly distracts me a lot from my schoolwork and my art time and the only thing that keeps me playing are my friends. :’D

But anywho, the level 200 video has yet to come! I’m not sure when I will be working on it (hopefully sometime this week) since I’m still in the middle of writing midterms. Plus, I gotta download the free trial of Sony Vegas onto this laptop (the one I’m on is the one for school) and make sure I get working on it ASAP before the 30-day trial expires. Not to mention that I would like to be doing level 200 artwork + more in-game filming for it too and that won’t be a short trip.

That’s enough for now, I gotta sleep [2:00 am, just finished my essay like a few hours ago and studied for a bit] since I have a midterm at noon! o.e


2 thoughts on “Level 200 Finally!!!

  1. Congratulations on 200, Rachel.

    Players these days love to fast-track. They see the most efficient ways as the only ways to get things done. Combine that with the 3x that’s been going on, and it comes as no surprise that they are unimpressed. They can’t see that getting to 200 can be a big deal because they can’t see all the ways in which it can be accomplished (and even after you point it out, they’ll probably wonder why you didn’t do it more efficiently). Don’t let their ignorance rain on your parade.

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