Leveling to 200 this Friday!

I’ll be hitting level 200 this Friday @ 8:00 pm PST/11:00 pm EST on my Marksman (Harini). If you’ve got nothing to do and you’re bored, feel free to drop by in Scania and watch the ultimate show!

Let’s just hope Nexon doesn’t randomly put up an unscheduled SC during this time/one of us gets a log in glitch on our accounts + the level up potion expires/any sort of damaging delay…heheh.

My marksman is level 198 as of now, I would have been able to level her on Sunday buuuut there was another random SC once again and I got kicked off at 90%. OTL

Haha, anyways…it’s about time after over 6 years. =w=;;


4 thoughts on “Leveling to 200 this Friday!

  1. congratulations! i’ve seen you on both maple and basil every now and then, and i gotta say i like the way u designed your char. btw, are you going to quit once you reach 200? if i can, i’ll drop by to say hi on that day, although idk if i can stay for they event itself. good luck!

    1. Thank you for the kind comment. =D I wouldn’t exactly be quitting (mainly due to so many friends keeping me playing haha) but at the same time I won’t exactly be playing so much as much as before. xD

      1. again, congratulations, i actually was able to come to your rather large gathering/celebration. hehe, i didn’t know jackzeromega and spuriouslove were a part of your guild. anyways, cya on maple sometime again.

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