Reverse Black Beauty finally finished!

HOLY CRAP WHAT? I FINALLY SCROLLED A PERFECT WEAPON EVEN THOUGH I CAN’T MERCH FOR CRAP?! It’s about time you might be thinking since I started this project last year back in September. I’m a complete noob when it comes to making money (most of the stuff that I got was event luck). >__>;

There are a couple of people I would like to thank specifically for helping me finish this xbow.

iHeroThomas – Thank you so much for buying the remaining PoTs to finish off making my Reverse (back when Maker was around and these pieces were like 5m each omg)! Gosh, I still have to draw you again after how many things you have done for me already? LOL xD Congrats on 200 btw! ^__^

LittleWolf9 – Long lost sister, thank you so much for helping me find WSes with decent prices in fm. ♥ I owe you one!

Resir – Thank you sooo much for helping me with that last slot Ryan; you really are a prince. ♥

♥♥ Seriously guys, I couldn’t have done it without your support. Thank you so very much. ♥♥

*   *   *   *

Oh what’s this?

Yup, I spent 300m on an Advanced Enhancement Scroll a few months ago just for this occasion.

Here’s what I used on my crossbow…

  • 5 WSes
  • 4 Pam’s Songs
  • 15 50% 2h scroll for ATTK scrolls (ouch, 8 failed)
  • 3 100% Crossbow for ATTK scrolls

I know my luck and this may not be that impressive to most people but this was the toughest thing that I’ve made in my entire MS life. x_x; This is definitely my end game weapon of course (duh, why else did I equip it for?).

It’s too bad that the crossbow is 2 lined (6% acc 4% crit) though…I’ll prem cube it one day.

Time to work on the 10 other equips that I have on me…>>;


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