R.I.P High School Acquiantance

I didn’t discover the death of an acquaintance I went to middle + high school with until a few hours ago after I got home from a morning appointment with a lawyer earlier.

He was basically caught in an accident where his SUV broke the barrier and rolled several times on the lane, he was pronounced dead at the scene according to the police. (Source from CTV news) He died just after midnight today.

He was only 18 going on 19 this year, just finished his extra year of high school, he was on the high school football team since the grand opening of the school itself (school opened at 2006, it’s still pretty new); he was also on the rugby team.

I know that we’re not friends and I do not know you well but I definitely know that you are a wonderful person; you did not deserved this fate. I’m glad that I have met you through school, I like listening to your jokes in class and your overall personality. My condolences goes to your family and friends.



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