Level 170~

About time huh (more like I hit the level two days ago)? Good level to stop before Chaos patch comes out for MapleStory.

Pretty desperate for Maple Warrior 20 right now…anyone selling the book for at least 330m in Scania? :(

I’m willing to do a drawing commission for this (I promise that it will be done, I’ll even send you WIP screenshots!). If I were to do commissions, they would be 10 dollars each for a full CG (Most artists will charge you 10 bucks for a simple sketch!) so you’re basically benefiting from this offer…

If you’re in Scania and you’re interested for giving me Maple Warrior 20 for a full CG of whatever, please contact me (Harini/See my email/basilmarket)!

Never mind about that paragraph, I passed MW 20 lol. Now to save up for an inflating MW 30…


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