The Exterminator Class Rises: Part 5

The Malice celebrated their destruction of Talelsia and was planning on expanding the Jeirante Terror War to the outer regions of the Maple World.

A mysterious figure in a cloak and a dark aura was floating behind the group. They saw its shadow. It was a grim reaper with the glowing eyes of a vengeful tiger.

“You took away every single thing that was precious to me. You took away my home, you took away the lives of innocent civilians, you took away our faithful King, and you took away the life of my beloved! Such an act will not be forgiven…”

The Malice laughed at the reaper, but that didn’t last until more vengeful reapers came up behind the one who spoke to them.

“Oh noooo, I am so scared! Do you want to die again?” Marxaris unleashed a wave of cursed magic against the reaper who lectured him but it was to no vail. The mad man was astonished that his attacks had no effect.

“You will pay, you will pay, you will pay…” chanted the army of reapers.

A dark glowing blue circle surrounded the laughing Malice casted by the scythes of the reapers and eventually obliterated them. That was the last time anyone who have saw the Malice Zealot Assembly back then.

“G-g-AAAAAAAAHHHH!!” screamed Marxaris. “This won’t be the last of me! I-I-I will curse upon your descendants in a future life!”

Continue to Part 6


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