The Exterminator Class Rises: Part 4

Motionless steel covered bodies were everywhere.

“I must protect the kingdom…”

Battle cries were fading.

“our people…”

Dark clouds hovered over.

“I made a promise to her…!” the wounded knight was painfully crawling over to the castle’s direction.

The Talelsian army was falling into the impure hands of the Malice. The MZA was crushing every corner of the Talelsian Kingdom as if it were just leftover crumbs of toast. The once joyous town turned into solemn rust. The Malice already made their way into the castle courtyard, the outer army failed to protect the rim of the kingdom. Knights fell one by one, with the door to the castle remaining to the center point.

“Ahahahahaha! Break down the gates, kill them all!” laughed Marxaris.

With Marxaris’s cursed engineering skills, his group of criminals successfully broke into the castle of the continent. His army slayed everything in their way just as they did to the Village of the Legendary Tribesmen. They were quickly making their way to the throne room, where it contained the heart of the land.

“They’re coming! We need to run for it!” screamed the chancellor.

“Do you not remember that we are surrounded? We CANNOT escape and we vowed to keep them from going past Jeirante!” said the King.

“They may have outdone our outer knights…” sighed Lady Ophelia.

“Lady Ophelia, do not be concerned about your dear Patrict. I am well that he is fine.” Assured the King.

“I trust you your Highness, for I hope that you are correct…” grieved the woman.

The locked doors to the throne room were booming with a crowd of malicious cheering being echoed in the room.

“Prepare yourselves Talelsian Knights, we must fight!” shouted the King.

Without further ado, the majestic doors were slapped opened with the Malice infiltrating the room filling it with hatred. The best round of knights versus the Malice, they stood no chance but they battled to their hearts belief for the kingdom. Marxaris was slowly making his way towards the King while his group was pushing the knights down. Lady Ophelia had her sword in front of her, ready to battle the tyrant.

“You are not getting to our king!” yelled Lady Ophelia as she proceeded to dual against Marxaris.

“You are such a fool. Every single one of you,” told Marxaris as he took out his sword engineered with cursed magic.

“The only fool from us is you! Sanctus Requiem!” shouted Lady Ophelia as she performed her swordsmanship move against the villain.

The dual started with Marxaris showing almost no effort in displaying his skills against the female knight. As the battle pursued, where it looked like Lady Ophelia was winning, she was actually losing and getting her energy drained. He was no pushover.

“Die, wench. Perdition’s Impel!” barked Marxaris as he casted his cursed wave of magic with his rod into Lady Ophelia, rendering her into a deathly like state as she screamed in terror. All that’s left is the King.

The King glared down at Marxaris until the mad man was at his level.

“I’ve finally gotten my revenge, just like I wanted. Ever since you banished me into the wastelands of Valador, I spent so many years with my friends devising this attack.” Stated Marxaris in a snake like voice. “Tell me the secret of this pitiful land and I will end all of this quietly”

“Filthy scums like you do not deserve the recognition of our land’s secret. You never deserved to be a Talelsian Knight in the first place ever since you so foolishly broken the code of conduct!” squalled the King.

“Again, you are such a fool.” Marxaris grabbed the neck of King Roltar. “Surrender now and tell me this precious little secret of everyone…or you can you know, die along with your pathetic subjects.”

“Do you really think I am a fool Marxaris?! You sparing my land makes me laugh, it’s all a scam.” Croaked the King.

“I think you’re a very stupid ruler indeed.” Taunted Marxaris.

And so, our beloved King Roltar the III was assassinated in front of all of the remaining knights within the throne room who were barely surviving watching the crueled moment. The King’s body fell onto the floor, motionless with no life nor resting in peace. The Malice cheered in victory.

“You see everyone, this is what happens when fools like this one over here don’t listen to our commands! We’ll find that little secret that these royal pests are hiding, for our next target! We’ll let them all know that the Jeirante Terror War is just an example of what will happen to those who oppose us! We’ll put them into living in fear and submit their deeds to us. Ahahahahha!” laughed Marxaris.

With his remaining strength, the knight charged from behind into Marxaris but was easily overthrown by him. The white silver ring fell to the ground.

“Another fool? Oh, you’re that foolish knight from earlier. I thought I’ve beaten you dead before, sometimes people will never learn,” smirked Marxaris while walking towards the metal object on the ground.

“Don’t…you dare touch that ring…” groaned Patrict.

“Oh? And what if I did?” mocked Marxaris while picking up the ring and looking at it with disgust. “D’awws, an engagement ring? Lovesick fools are so weak, no wonder why that pathetic woman died and so will you.” The mad ex-knight dropped the ring to the conquered grounds and crushed it when his foot while Patrict was witnessing the sight.

“Ugh, seriously? That stupid look on your face disgusts me so much that my group and I don’t even need to spend a second of our efforts to kill you right off the bat,” remarked Marxaris with the Malice behind him leading the way out of the castle.

On his remaining breath while he was lying on the destructed royal floor, he looked at the deathly beauty of Lady Ophelia before he left to die.

Eventually, the Malice decided to leave the town and the castle razed in fire.

Continue to Part 5


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