The Exterminator Class Rises: Part 3

Sometime after the meeting, Patrict and Lady Ophelia arranged a meeting themselves within the castle.

“My beloved,” greeted Patrict.

“I must stay here love, I’m sorry. Due to my ranking granted by the King, I have to reside in here and protect him. You have your duty to go out there and participate in the battle,” said Ophelia.

“I know…and I know that I will most likely die in the battle outside. I want you to done this jewellry to remember me by,” said Patrict slipping on a silver object onto Ophelia’s ivory and delicate hand.

“I am speechless for words…my beloved, you will not die I promise. I will fight my hardest to survive, so will you,” assured Ophelia.

The couple embraced each other as their love-bloomed faces headed towards each other.

And so, the blood-soaked war started.

Continue to Part 4


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