The Exterminator Class Rises: Part 2

Little did all of the Maple World know, there was a very important secret that resided within the land of Jeirante where only the Royals and the Trusted acknowledged. This secret of the land should never fall known into the wrong hands. If evil grabs hold of awareness from this secret and gains access to it, the Maple World may very well be doomed under their control permanently.

This was the Talelsian Knight code of conduct that was broken by Marxaris.

Even though the Royals and the Trusted only know this secret, this did not stop the rebellious knight from wanting to eavesdrop on their conference meetings. He was then caught by the eagle-eyed Talelsian guards within the castle, stripped of his rank, and banished into the wastelands of Valador angrily by the King.

In reaction, he became mad and started to research cursed magic engineering during his absence in a quest of revenge and power for decades. While he was doing his research, he recruited numerous amounts of surviving villains who were also banished by King Roltar the III onto his side during the years and together, they formed the Malice Zealot Assembly with him being both the founder and the leader. The group spent years forming cursed engineered weapons preparing for an invasion on the land of Jeirante and force the King to spill out the secret of the land.

Soon enough, the group brought forth the Jeirante Terror War on the land. Their first target was the Village of the Legendary Tribesmen; they wanted to cut off the friendship trade between the village and Talelsia as well as taking over the grand supplies the King generously granted to them. Their new technology overwhelmed the soldiers’ powers and with that, they killed off every villager they saw in their path as well as the Chief, mercilessly. One of the remaining soldiers ran off as quickly as possible to the continent’s capital even though he was wounded. He reached into the borders of the town, where Patrict and Lady Ophelia encountered his state.

“Marxaris…my village…” breathed the Tribesmen soldier before he passed out.

Patrict and Lady Ophelia quickly took the soldier to the castle for formal medical treatment. The couple then informed the King that Marxaris has returned and destroyed the Village of the Legendary Tribesmen. The King ordered everyone in the town to take refuge in his castle and for the assembly.

“My dearest people of Talelsia…As we have received the distress call from the soldier of the Village of the Legendary Tribesmen, that traitorous Marxaris hath returned! He wants to start a war of revenge as well as for the secret of our land which must not be known to the wrong hands. As your King, I shall not allow this beautiful land be destroyed by this fiend and spread his evil outside into the Maple World. We will vanquish this foe once again as we have years ago!”

Everyone in the room was shocked in peril just by the mentioning of the criminal.

Your Majesty…we cannot underestimate the power of Marxaris’s army. The man is far more dangerous that he was twenty-five years ago. His technology completely destroyed our army in my village,” said the soldier in a defeated voice.

The King breathed calmly.

Do not fear soldier, we will stop the tyrant and his army and make sure he does not learn our secret,” answered the King.

“But King Roltar! What about the residents? Should they not have the permission to evacuate to the other side?” questioned Lady Ophelia.

“I am afraid it is already too late my dear,” answered Patrict walking into the auditorium room. “They have got us surrounded.”

Everyone in the room started to panic with already the feeling of defeat on their minds.

“Everyone, please settle yourselves! This does not mean we are doomed to the hands of Marxaris!” exclaimed the King.  “We must do everything we can to stop him from spreading his war outside of our land as well as destroying us all together. With that, please reside in the castle for your safety until the war is over. Our knights were not formed for no reason by our ancestors! I guarantee that everything will turn out for the good on our hands. Remember everyone, the Talelsian Knights battle to triumph over the plague!”

That was the final speech that King Roltar the III has ever given out.

Continue to Part 3


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