The Continent of Jeirante – NPCs

The Major NPCs involved with the Exterminator class

Zachrie: The job instructor of the Exterminator class as well as the watcher of the land of Jeirante. He is a mysterious young man who has powers that rivals the Goddess Rhinne although it has extreme limits. He is also extremely loyal towards Queen Enelie, always by her side to serve and protect.

After his brief counter with King Roltar the III, he answered his question of what he thinks he is. From then, there were so many speculations arisen from the witnesses during the incident. Queen Enelie and the Talelsian royal line only knows of his true identity, or so one may think they are the only ones. He is located in the ‘Jeirante: The Sacred Room’ which is a room within the castle of Talelsia.

Alyce: She is one of Zachrie’s trustworthy followers; she is the one who you go to for obtaining your mount. Luckily, the price she charges per mount isn’t too expensive…

Melvardo: Another follower of Zachrie.

Mystril: Fellow follower with Alyce and Melvardo, she is in charge of arranging missions and quests for newcomer Exterminators.


The Town of Talelsia – NPCs

Amy: Just a girl who lives in the village of Talelsia.

Carmen: Just another girl who lives in the village of Talelsia, she is a friend of Amy.

Jamie: A boy who wishes to be knight that serves the queen someday. He idolizes Zachrie.

Mrs.Nel: The mother of Jamie; she’s a famous cooker in all of Jeirante.

Mr.Setzu: The storage NPC of Talelsia.

Hanako: A girl who sells flowers in Talelsia, perhaps you should buy one from her for your beloved.

Yuina: A green haired girl with a boomerang, she is a descendant of the Legendary Tribesmen that resided in Jeirante.

Alle: A merchant girl who sells potions and food in town.

Derrek: A bladesmith who sells weapons (boomerangs, flails, and scythes).

Jonathan: A tailor who sells armors for the Exterminator class.

Annie: The lady who forges equipment specifically for the Exterminator class.

Penny: The merchant girl who sells pet food and mount food.

Ricky: The NPC who allows you to travel to Victoria Island or Orbis via The Floater (it’s a boat, surprised?).

Marina: The VIP hairstylist + VIP dyes your hair.

Yame: The EXP hairstylist + EXP dyes your hair.

Milda: The VIP plastic eye surgery NPC.

Earl: The EXP plastic eye surgery NPC, he’s pretty new but watch out for his results.

Sluana: The Royal face coupon NPC.

Jenni: The Royal coupon hairstylist.

Jilber: The VIP + EXP skin NPC.

*Of course, the Maple Game administrator, Gaga, Inkwell, Cassandra, and other common town NPCs are included in this town*


Inside the Castle of Talelsia – NPCS

Jeffer: An old man who studies the history of the Maple World; he holds many stories to tell.

Sandy: An old lady and the wife of Jeffer, she studies the geography of the Maple World.

Queen Enelie: The young queen of Jeirante, she seeks advice from Zachrie whenever a concern draws to her. She is a descendant of the deceased King Roltar the III who ruled during the war with the Black Mage.

She was made to be a queen at a young age due to her parents’ deaths.

Sir Alvin: A lazy knight that resides in the castle of Talelsia. He is the older brother of Calvin but younger than Melvin.

Sir Calvin: The youngest brother of the Vin family; he is a hardworking knight of Jeirante. He seems to have a thing for the queen.

Sir Melvin: The oldest brother brother of the Vin family; he tends to be sarcastic around people who he doesn’t know.

Mr.Vin: The father of the Vin family.

Mrs.Vin: The mother of the Vin family.

Jason: A rather, chubby prison guard that guards the prison of the Talelsia castle. He always seems to be hungry…

Lady Steph: She helps guard the queen.

Lord Hector: He helps guard the queen.

Vivian: A baroness who constantly stresses out about her looks.

Luke: A prisoner residing in the castle who has done crime of treason.

Nathan: Something doesn’t seem right about him, he always seems to sit in the corners of the castles muttering to himself facing against the wall. Hope there’s nothing wrong with him or maybe he’s just anti-social…

Bonorto: A prison guard in the dungeon.

Sir Rotney: A mean looking knight who’s actually pretty nice.

Sir Tasner: A shy knight serving for the queen.

Adward: Another knight serving for the queen.

Vonter: The chef who cooks for the castle residents.

Heft: A blacksmith that works in the castle.

Cresso: The jester of the castle, he seems to be running out of jokes.

Mistress Phair: A girl dressed differently from the residents of Jeirante. She always seems to be looking up at the sky.


The Ruins of Old Talelsia – NPCs

Thom: A boy who’s a descendant of the villagers who were killed in the fires of Old Talelsia. He is interested in history and learning about the past of his hometown.

Wilton: A man who sticks around Old Talelsia.

Yorko: A mysterious figure who stands behind a corner of the ruins of Old Talelsia. He looks pretty suspicious.

Graveyard of Old Talelsia – NPCs

Tombstone Patrict:  The Resting place of Patrict the Warrior, he was the fiance of Lady Ophelia.

Tombstone Ophelia: The Resting place of Lady Ophlelia, she was the beloved fiancee of Patrict.

Krozoi: The graveyard keeper who keeps things intact of the Old Talelsian graves.


Village of the Legendary Tribesmen – NPCs

Cipton: A descendant of the Legendary Tribesmen,

Epovi: Another descendant of the Legendary Tribesmen.

Heilio: The potion merchant.

Fitonoi: The weapons and equipment merchant for the Exterminator class only.

Yuli: A girl who helps around the village.

Chief Barono: Yuli’s father as well as the chief of the village.

Alinza: One of the soldiers in the village’s army, she helps newcomers train.

Pierre: A man who travels around the world.

Krypzo: The village’s tactician.

Totem pole: The symbol of the Legendary Tribesmen.



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