The Exterminator Class Rises: Part 1

“Ahem, if you’ll excuse me I will be telling you about the tale about how the Exterminator class came to be as of today. Prepare yourself youngsters, it is quite long!” – Jeffer

The Black Mage was not the only tyrant around his time centuries ago.

The other side of the Maple World had their own fair share of villains as well. A fearsome supervillain known as Marxaris has founded the Malice Zealot Assembly, a group known for doing whatever they please in exchange for profit. Marxaris is an infamous criminal who was banished permanently to the wastelands of Valador due to a serious violation under the Talelsian Knight code of conduct. He was the main cause for starting the Jeirante Terror War.

Before we start on the events leading up to the war, let me explain a bit of the past of our sacred land.

The continent of Jeirante was ruled by King Roltar the III, the great ancestor of our beloved Queen Enelie. Like his descendent, he was benevolent, fair, and selfless towards his people. He made sure everything was going in order in Jeirante and ensured peace whenever possible during his ruling.

The town that he was residing in, Talelsia (which is now Old Talelsia) was a happy, harmonious, and good-hearted residence. With that, there was a particular couple who were deeply in love with each other. They were known to be Patrict and Lady Ophelia. Patrict used to be an outsider living in the fields of Jeirante with no food, money, nor a home having a difficult surviving on his own…until Lady Ophelia found him on a visit to the Village of the Legendary Tribesmen to deliver supplies from Talelsia on the king’s orders.

Seeing that the young man looked conditionally poor, kind-hearted Ophelia offered her food and a part of her salary pay to Patrict, which he gladly accepts. She asked him if he had a home, in which he replied that he did not. The lady brought him to King Roltar the III, asking him if Patrict could have a home in Talelsia. The King happily granted that wish for the young man and then he was shortly directed to his new home. Every day, Lady Ophelia would pay a visit to him bringing him goods to make sure he was eating well whenever she was free from her duties. He too, returned the visits to the Talelsian Castle whenever possible.

While the young man was slowly getting adapted into his new home, he also started to become fond of the town’s atmosphere itself. He loved the peaceful surroundings so much that he decided to train to become a Talelsian Knight, to ensure nothing terrible will ever happen to this joyful land.

Eventually he was recruited into knighthood and from everyone’s standpoint; he was a one-of-a-kind. The young woman was impressed on how much he changed from the day she met him and that the two were spending more time with each other on their orders from the king. Soon enough, they started to fall in love with each other.

Unfortunately, their flourishing romance came to a wither.

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