Harini’s Old Page (Before BB)

Okay so since there’s been major changes that happened in Big Bang in MapleStory, I decided I would move my old stuff here and update her page with the new stuff now. The videos before BB will remain on her page.

About the “Current Stats and Equipment” page, I’m gonna keep it the same page buuuuuut I’ll still have the old screenshot for comparison.


Harini’s Training Places in MapleStory

Current Stats and Equipment


First Job:

Level 4 Blessing of Amazon

Level 9 Arrow Blow

Level 11 Focus

Maxed Double Shot, The Eye of Amazon, Critical Shot

Being the noob I was back then, I didn’t max out Critical Shot and Double Shot at first. I trained with a level 11 Double Shot and level 14 Critical Shotall the way until level 63, where my great friend Jon has gifted me a 10k NX giftcard for drawing his DK. I definitely used the NX to fix my messed up Double Shot and Critical Shot. @_@ If I’m rich enough, I’d totally do a skill reset for maxing out Focus (lowering my Arrow Blow). =x

Second Job:

Maxed Crossbow Mastery, Crossbow Booster, Iron Arrow, Soul Arrow, Power-Knockback

FAless Crossbowman

Yeah…of everything I have read in Crossbowman guides telling you to NOT put any points into FA (it messes up Iron Arrow’s attack), I didn’t put any points in there. :P

Third Job:

Maxed Strafe, Arrow Eruption, Puppet

Level 21 Blizzard

Level 26 Eagle

Level 5 Mortal Blow

Level 19 Thrust

Okay, I know some of you are thinking, “lol u stupid noob why didnt u max mortal blow?” Personally, I find Mortal Blow to be a very annoying passive skill. Of course, its high damage DOES knock the monster back just a bit but for my playing preferences, I always move away from the monster. I do sort of regret putting the extra points into Eagle but meh…that’s my loss lol.

I love the extra speed from thrust, it’s so sexy in PQs and places where I can’t use my Silver Mane. ;D I left it at level 19 because a) My Dark Anes gives +1 speed and b) My Dragon Shiner Cross gives +11 speed. I know you would be saying “lol then u shoulda liek put thrust at 18 then,” I’m still not very positive if I will continue scrolling for a better overall or a Dragon Shiner Cross so yeah.

SKILL REBUILT (after getting those free SP and AP resets yayay)

Maxed Strafe, Arrow Eruption, Puppet

Level 21 Blizzard

Level 17 Thrust

Level 15 Eagle

Level 18 Mortal Blow

Woo hoo! I fixed up my 3rd job skills. Yeah, you’re wondering why MB still isn’t maxed. With the new potential system that came out. I’m revamping all of my equips. I may very well lose the speed from my witch belt, crossbow, overall, and my Ravana helmet. =x Of course, I never use Eagle anymore so I might as well deduct its previous points and put it into MB. I deducted SOME points from Thrust into MB. This is good enough, until I know my final equips I may deduct points from Thrust to max out MB.

Fourth Job:

Maxed Sharp Eyes

Maxed Marksman Boost

Maxed Piercing Arrow

Level 1 Frostprey, Dragon’s Breath

Level 1 Sniping (will be working on this next)

No Maple Warrior and Blind just yet

With the magnificant changes to the Marksman class lately (which was all the way back in May 2009), Sniping’s cooldown went from 10 to 5 seconds, and Piercing Arrow’s charge time went from 2 to 1 second. Gotta love that. <3 You might be wondering why I’m not maxing out Sniping yet. Well…I cannot boss at all on my laptop without d/cing in the middle of a run. Second, having maxed Sharp Eyes allows me to get into parties easier (not to mention that I love buffing people).

It’s better for me to max out Marksman Boost (maxed at 141 if I don’t put any points into MW and Blind), then I’ll be working on Piercing Arrow (maxed at 151 if I don’t put any points into MW and Blind). Another main reason for doing this build is that I want to show others the REAL power of Piercing Arrow. I’m seeing it as the most underrated skill out of the entire Bowman class in general. =/ Dude, it freaking hits 100k+ in mobs if it’s maxed and the damage cap in Maple is what? 199k? It’ll be a killer for skeles. =x


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