Art Trade Rules

  • No sexual/adult content. E.g: Porn.
  • Put in effort in your part of the trade. I will not draw something for you if you only drew me scribbles.
  • Gay content is allowed, just not porno please. I can only do “suggestive yaoi/yuri” things so bear with me. I dunno how to draw that type of stuff without making it look weird LOL. =[
  • The artwork must NOT be against the deviantART rules; this will lead the deviation getting deleted.
  • I will not draw furries.
  • Earn my trust! I have to see that you DO complete your art trades (if you have done over 3 art requests or art trades for people, you earned my trust).Reason is, I’ve been scammed several times whenever I make art trades with people before where they just selfishly took my kindness to their advantage and abused it. They did not return the favor  while I actually put in the effort. -_-;So earn my trust or just drop it. <3

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