Art Collaboration Rules

  • No sexual/adult content. E.g: Porn.
  • Gay content is allowed, just not porno please. And as long as I’m not the one drawing it (I’m not interested in neither yaoi or yuri, but that doesn’t mean I’m homophobic), I dunno how to draw that type of stuff without making it look weird LOL. =[
  • The artwork must NOT be against the deviantART rules; this will lead the deviation getting deleted.
  • Do NOT claim the whole entire artwork that’s done by you.
  • If you are going to have me colour a piece of your artwork, PLEASE! Provide CLEAN line art; I hate having to colour the ones that’s like, already coloured (E.g: Line art that has a coloured layer on top of it). It’s just a total pain in the ass to fix everything up, seriously. I don’t care how low you set the opacity layer to, just don’t provide ones that are already “coloured.” x_X
  • I will not make the line art and colour the entire thing out of your sketch!Sketches do not count as line art, there’s a difference.
  • I will not draw furries.
  • Send me your line art via E-mail or an image hosting site (E.g: Photobucket). Finished pieces should be uploaded onto deviantART or your personal profile/site.

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