Harini’s Equipment and Stats

(adding this to my MapleStory marksman’s profile here)

UPDATED: 07/01/2012

Damage range + stats

(BEFORE BB) This is just for memories, I don’t have any pre-potential release damage ranges but I used to be considered an average marksman.

(Post-Renegades) brb getting SS

Here’s some fun little facts:

  • HP washed Marksman (washed about 28 times, got over +480 extra HP). First time I’ve done HP washing was 145 where Nexon gave out free AP resets.
  • Harini used to have 10 int and 11 luk base until 145 (Used free AP resets to fix my stats)
  • Still plenty of MP to use for HP washing, I still have 1 point into MP from STR.
  • Not 100% legit (look at my crossbow and CHTP pendant) but I don’t use duped/hacked gear and I’m proud of that (I’m not going into the details of how scrolls in FM are illegit).
  • Unfunded.

Equips (going to double check some of them later)

Take note: A majority of my stuff is crap because I’m a completely unfunded marksman who doesn’t know how to be a merchant so I know I am a noob. ;_;


  • 21/21/21/21 clean U/H Czak helm; 3 lined Potential: 3% dex 3% str + some other crappy stat


  • 6 str 8 dex U/H Red Mantle 10 slots; 3 lined Potential: 6% dex, some crappy stat, some crappy stat #2


  • 12 att 0 slot hammered Blue Arcina Gloves (Gift from my beloved Ryan but hacked hubby…this glove is the only remaining item from his lost account since it was on friend’s account of his…I’ll never sell this since a part of you will always be with me on Maple; I really wish you’d come back someday ♥): 3 lined Potential: +18% dex


  • Clean Red Running Shoes 10 speed 0 slots; 2 lined Potential: +4% dex and some crappy pot


  • 2 att 1 m.g att U/H Purple Witch Belt 0 slots; 3 lined Potential: 3% dex and 2 other stats of m.g def D:


  • Dark Angelic Blessing Ring
  • Evolving Ring II 17
  • Evolving Ring III 10
  • Explorer’s critical ring


  • 6 str 3 att PAC U/H 0 slots (Gift from another friend ♥)


  • The Next Legend Medal


  • 40/40/40/40 2 att + m.g att 2 slot egged CHTP; 3 lined Potential: +some crappy stat +3% MP +some def stat (Gift from Tom, thank you so much!!)


  • Clean U/H +3 str + dex Red Rex Earrings; Potential: 3% dex and some other crappy stat (gift from one of my BFFs Mike, thanks so much ^_^)

Eye Accessory

  • +5 all stat Kenta Goggles; 2 lined potential: 3% dex and some crappy stat

Face Accessory

  • Red Dual Blade Mask; +3 all stats +3 attk & m.g attk


  • +5 all stat +5 attk Battle Manual Theory


  • +5 all stats Bounty Hunter Badge


  • 1 str 11 dex, 1 star enhancement 163 attack hammered 0 slot Reverse Black Beauty; Potential: 4% crit rate, 6% acc
  • Maxed Level; Gained 1 att 1 dex on level 1, 1 att 2 dex 1 str on level 2, No stats on level 3: This was ENTIRELY self scrolled by me with Pam’s Songs, 50% 2h att scrolls, White Scrolls, and 3 GM scrolls. <- Old Crossbow, took a year to finish it and I still have it.
  • 3x str 4x dex, 12 star enhancement 263 attack hammered 0 slot Falcon Sentinel Crossbow; Potential: Unique (will double check stats later)
  • Thank you so much Jose for this gift. ♥ ;w; This has helped me a lot with leeching people at LHC easier as well as making myself actually useful at boss runs.

Goals for Harini

  • Umm…like pretty much everything needs to be upgraded and this will never happen. I cannot spend my IRL money on cubing my stuff because I have way more important matter such as university tuition for the usage of my money. My luck is horrible with cubing and it needs an estimate of 500k+ NX to cube to legendary/unique status.

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