Harini’s Training Places in MapleStory

(adding this to my MapleStory marksman’s profile here)

DISCLAIMER: Please don’t ask me where to train when I was at your level for my marksman; nearly 95% of these places are outdated simply because I have been playing MapleStory since 2005. Thanks. Dx

Harini’s training places


Level 1-10: I did not do all of the Maple Island quests on Harini because my rl friends at that time kinda rushed me to get to Vic lol. And no, I did not miss The Relaxer chair because of that (it wasn’t even out until 2006 which I quit for an entire year and did not return until 2007). Whatever you do though, do NOT skip doing the Maple Isle quests; taking 15 minutes just to level there from 1-10 is a joke compared to begging people to train you on Vic which takes even more than 15 minutes to do so. ~_~

Level 11-20: Green Slimes (sort of outdated, recommended for the first few levels)

Level 20-30: Horny Mushrooms, Zombie Mushrooms (recommended)

Level 30-35: Curse Eyes (outdated, not recommended)

Level 35-40: Jr.Chronos (outdated, not really recommended)

Level 40-45: Toy Trojans (outdated, totally not recommended)

Level 45-50: Monsters at Omega Sector (outdated, EXTREMELY not recommended @_@)

Level 50-57: Stone Golems (sort of outdated, recommended)

Level 57-60: Skeleton Soldiers, Commander Skeleton (outdated, totally not recommended)

Level 60-65: Dark Stone Golems, Mixed Golems (not really outdated, sort of recommended at these levels)

Level 65-72: Water Goblins (outdated, not recommended)

Level 72-85: Krus, Captains; aka pirates at Herb Town (mostly outdated, recommended)

Level 85-95: Squids, Risell Squids (outdated, sort of recommended)

Level 95-125: Gobies + Bone Fish(at least 95% of the leveling was done during these 30 levels), some Dreamy ghosts, Newties, and Nest Golems (5% in total).

Gobies + Bone Fish (outdated, not really recommended), Dreamy Ghosts or himes in other words (not really outdated, recommended if you can kill quickly and can burn HP pots well), Newties + Nest Golems (recommended)

Level 125-132: Jr. Newties, Nest Golems (recommended)

Level 132-15x (present level): Skelegons, Skelesaurus (recommended)


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