Big ass projects + stuff

Okay so, I haven’t been posting art lately right? That’s because I’ve been going through constant art blocks (exception is art class but I’m not too proud of the pieces lol) for at least 5 months and from that entire sequence, I’ve only done one piece of art personally; oh boy. I finally did some several things though!

MS: A Dream Come True

Gothic Century

And about these “big ass projects,” it has to deal with MapleStory (again rofl). I still have not finished these sketches, I’m not even close to being 1/5 of them done LOL. I have to imagine how long it would take for them to be done digitally…@_@; Anywho, I guess I could give a hint on this huge ass project: I’m revamping my Piercing Arrow and Hurricane artwork but I’m taking it to a higher bad ass level with a tons of characters. Of course, it’s not just Piercing Arrow and Hurricane…there are others. :)

Off topic: I was a bit of in a panic the other day seeing that our previous scanner+printer in one broke and did not work anymore. It wouldn’t print anything out (which is an issue because I need papers for school >>;)  but it could only scan before. And just a couple of days ago, it wouldn’t scan because there was an error that denied access to scanning.

Luckily we had a spare scanner+printer in one sitting in the computer room in a huge box (which I thought was placed there randomly because my brother only uses that room). I’m so glad that it works for both printing and scanning, this honestly gave me a heart attack lol.


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